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She suggested
29 min, DV - PAL, 2000
She suggested a more fuck-you attitude, but you already had that, you had pieces of things written on pieces of things, you have luggage that makes you always travel, you have some kind of a home and a close enough circle for the purpose of holidays, you have another whole way to ask for things and actually get them, you have a small number of real enemies, you have a place which is always saved for you, and you have lovely imperfections, you have things categorized by duration, by length of illusion, by depth of disappointment, by violations on the level of style, you have recourse when people insist on giving you too much information, you have a knack for seduction and suggestion, you have ways to avoid insignificant details, you have different vocabularies according to your mood, you have things that record your favorite sounds, things and more things labeled with other people's names, things with labels that you can't read anymore, things forgotten by their rightful owners, you have a way to recognize false generosity, a way to endure long periods of silence, you have small operations to diffuse tensions, machines to tell you about other machines, you have a whole index of information on the higher level, indexes of things other people think are lost and missing, indexes of things people tell themselves for comfort.

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