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Review: Live Film! Jack Smith! Five flaming days in a rented world!
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In production: Discoteca Flaming Star
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On Virginia Woolf and regarding the pain of others:
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On Todd Haynes and Douglas Sirk: Where post meets pre-,:
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Unconditional Love, on the malevolence of self-styled patriarchs:
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Everything that rises.

The Lost Moment, 2007

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Correcting and Clarifying by Duygu Demir / Almost Certain by Yasemin Nur, collectorspace Istanbul

The Echoes of the Audio-Visual by Stephen Zepke, Kunstverein Braunschweig

Die Echoes des Audio-Visuellen by Stephen Zepke, Kunstverein Braunschweig

Bitter Part of Tongue by Benjamin Greenman, Kunstlerlhaus Bethanien

Der Versteller by Marc Schweska, Bethanien Review

The Lost Moment, 2007

Repetition and Theft

Interview with art historian Kim Paice

Spaport exhibition catalogue, 2008



Orientierung im Kunstdschungel
FAZ 28.9.2011

La Femme de Nulle Part
Art Monthly April 2007

Minor Characters
Artforum Feb 2007

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